Guidelines on Investor Education and Awareness through SEBI Empanelled Resource Persons
(Under Investor Protection and Education Fund)
The objective is to promote investor awareness and education through SEBI empanelled Resource Persons (RPs) who would act as faculty / speakers in the workshops of target groups, as may be identified by SEBI on the recommendations of the Advisory Committee for IPEF, and in workshops organized by RPs / SEBI / recognized investor associations.
Note: The following target groups have been identified by SEBI on the recommendations of the Advisory Committee for IPEF on the date of these Guidelines:
  a. Investment Planning for Retirement
  b. Investment Planning for Executives
  c. Investment Planning for Home Makers
  d. Financial Planning for Young Investors
  e. Financial Education for Middle Income Group
  f. Financial Education for School Children, and
  g. Financial Education for Self Help Groups
Note: SEBI / NISM shall solicit applications through advertisement in newspapers and / or their websites or by writing to Schools and Colleges from eligible candidates interested to act as RPs. SEBI/NISM shall screen the applicants by personal interaction for aptitude and commitment and provide the necessary training to selected candidates. On completion of the training, the candidates shall take the prescribed certification examination. The names of the candidates who successfully complete the certification will be included in the panel of RPs and their certification may be renewed after every three years. Only those RPs whose performance is found satisfactory will be retained in the panel. Also, a midyear review meeting may be organised for evaluating the RPs performance. For the review meeting, the RPs shall be reimbursed ` 1,000/- as honorarium allowance, travelling cost of 2 tier AC train fare from the place of residence to the respective place of meeting and local conveyance upto ` 1,000/-.
Eligibility to apply for RPs
The candidate must:
  a. be a retired/existing teacher or retired/existing employees of central/state government, various regulators, PSUs and ex- defense force persons
  b. have past working experience of at least three years,
  c. have a post graduation degree in commerce, management, economics, finance, Law or Science stream or graduates in engineering and Medicine.
  d. have a good understanding of financial markets and financial products,
  e. have aptitude for investor awareness and education,
  f. have proficiency in English and in the local language of the state/union territory/area where intends to act as RP,
  g. have good presentation and communication skills,
  i. neither be an intermediary or associated with any intermediary, nor any action has been taken by SEBI against him.
Obligations of Resource Persons
A RP shall:
a. act as faculty / speaker at least in 12 workshops and at best in 52 workshops in a calendar year. He/She may accept invitations to act as speaker / faculty from SEBI recognized investor associations or target groups. He/She shall not ordinarily refuse an invitation. He/She may also organize workshops in association with target groups where he may act as faculty / speaker. SEBI reserves the right to allow more workshops to those RPs who have completed 52 workshops, subject to, their satisfactory performance and provide No Objection Certificate to those RPs who have completed 12 mandatory workshops sponsored by SEBI to conduct workshops of other bodies such as MCA, subject to fulfilling certain other condition,
b. Existing teachers or employees should arrange to obtain necessary NOC from the employer
c. act as faculty / speaker in workshops organized in his within the place of city/town/village
d. conduct the workshop ordinarily in local language,
e. conduct workshop with a minimum participation of 50 (nos),
f. distribute free of cost the standard published material made available by SEBI. He shall not make any monetary gain by using such material in any manner,
g. not conduct workshop in the same institution/organisation, without a gap of atleast 15 working days
h. be fair, respectful and courteous to participants and organisers of the workshops,
i. not indulge in selling and/or promoting any specific investment product,
j. not promote commercial interest of any intermediary or issuer or undertake any securities markets related business activity,
k. not engage in any activity which has potential to bring disrespect to SEBI,
l. not represent, by conduct or otherwise, to be an agent or employee of SEBI,
m. maintain all records including the details of workshops and participants, expenses etc. in the manner, as may be specified by SEBI,
n. Shall obtain SEBI No Objection Certificate before taking up similar assignment of any other organisations,
o. Shall not make any exaggerate claim about efficacy of any product or market
Obligation of SEBI
SEBI shall
a) Maintain and update the panel of RPs along with their contact details and make these available in public domain
b) Arrange for training, certification and continuing education programme of RPs
c) Provide the published material for use by RPs in the workshops
d) Pay honorarium of ` 4,000/-(for workshop conducted within the place of city/town/village of RP) and ` 4,500/- (for workshop conducted other than the place of city/town/village of RP) per workshops to the RPs
e) Disseminate the schedule of workshops in advance in its website
Organisation of Workshops
A RP / SEBI may approach the select target group or the target group may approach SEBI / a RP for organising a workshop. The venue shall be ordinarily provided by the select target group free of cost. The RP shall seek prior approval of SEBI for organising a workshop of select group / acting as speaker / faculty of a workshop organized by select group/investor association in the proforma A at-least 10 working days in advance. She/he shall claim honorarium in proforma B along with the certificate of the leader / head of the select group in proforma C and along with any other information desired by SEBI. RP shall be paid honorarium of ` 4,000/-(for workshop conducted within the place of city/town/village of RP) and ` 4,500/- (for workshop conducted other than the place of city/town/village of RP) per workshops. SEBI may restrict number of workshops in a particular target group at its discretion.
Relaxation / Termination of Guidelines
SEBI may relax any of the above guidelines in deserving cases. It may discontinue the panel of RPs / these guidelines at any time and consequently investor education and awareness workshop through RPs, without any obligation towards anybody.
These Guidelines shall be effective since September 2012 and remain in force until further reviewed